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Re-Thinking Christianity - DVD's

If you were unable to make it see one or more of the speakers, we have limited copies of the events available!


Please see the list below for the available speakers as well as the prices.

To order DVD's, please send an e-mail to Be sure to include:

  • Full Name and Address
  • DVD's you would like
  • Contact information (Phone and e-mail if possible)

We will contact you to confirm that your DVD's are on their way! An invoice will be sent along with the DVD's.

Thank-you for helping us continue our 'Rethinking Christianity' speakers series!

Date Speaker Event Price
February, 2008 Bishop John Shelby Spong Public Lecture (with bonus sermon) $15.00
November, 2008 Philip Gulley & James Mulholland Public Lecture (with bonus sermon) $15.00
December, 2008 John Dominic Crossan Public Lecture (with bonus sermon) $15.00
September, 2009 Bishop John Shelby Spong Saturday Lectures - Opening Minds to New Possibilities $50.00
  Bishop John Shelby Spong Sunday Morning (Adult Education hour and Sermon) $25.00
  Bishop John Shelby Spong Sunday Evening Public Lecture - Dancing with Death Rejoicing in Life $30.00
Purchase the Complete September 2009 Set of John Shelby Spong for $100.00!
November, 2009 John Dominic Crossan Saturday Lectures - Life, Legacy and Vision of Paul $50.00
  John Dominic Crossan Sunday Morning (Adult Education hour and Sermon) $25.00
  John Dominic Crossan Friday Evening Public Lecture - Rome and the World of Paul $30.00
Purchase the Complete November 2009 Set of John Dominic Crossan for $100.00!


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